Emergency Surgery Information for Pets

emergency animal careOur furry friends are so free spirited and anxious to explore every inch of the world around them that sometimes they can have accidents, and sometimes they just get sick like us humans. Some situations require emergency animal care and may even require surgery. A pet emergency that may require surgery can include the following:

  • Getting hit by a car. If there is internal injury, broken bones, or other serious trauma, surgery may be required.
  • Animal attack. If your pet has been attacked by another animal, surgery may be necessary to treat internal damage, broken bones, or repair wounds.
  • Eating foreign items. If your pet has ingested something, surgery may be required to safely remove it.
  • C-Section. If your female pet is having difficulty giving birth, emergency surgery may be required to save her life and the lives of the puppies/kittens.
  • Pyometra. This is a severe infection in the uterus and is a common condition seen in unspayed female dogs. If your dog suffers from pyometra, emergency surgery will be required to remove the infected uterus.
  • Bloat, a common and serious condition in large breed dogs. The stomach can fill up with air and become twisted. This can become life-threatening within as little as 1 hour and emergency surgery is required to save the dog’s life.
  • Other varying medical conditions. There are a number of conditions that may require surgery to treat or repair problems.

If any of these, or other pet emergencies, happens to your pet there are emergency pet care centers, like Crossroads Animal Emergency standing by to treat your fur baby.

What are the benefits of coming to Crossroads for pet emergencies?

At Crossroads Animal Emergency, we don’t consider ourselves “just” an emergency hospital for pets; we also strive to make both you and your pet as comfortable as possible.

In painful cases such as trauma or broken bones, instead of waiting to administer pain meds until after the examination like many offices, we give your pet the necessary medications right away to make them comfortable during the exam. We do not see any reason they need to remain uncomfortable for another minute. In addition to providing the best possible treatment, we focus on making both you and your pet as comfortable as possible from the moment you come to us until you leave, and even after.

Our animal hospital is just as sophisticated as a human emergency room and our waiting area is equipped with custom built furniture that has extra lumbar support for you. Netflix on the television and snacks are available to you while you are waiting. We will even order pizza if you need more than a snack while you’re waiting because we know this is a very stressful time for you so we try to make you as comfortable as possible while the doctors are performing surgery on your pet. We even offer a quiet room for prayer or alone time and our support staff will be there for you throughout your visit.

We know your pet is a family member and we have worked to create an emergency animal hospital that provides superior pet care while supporting you as parents every step of the way.

You can always visit your pet at any time during its stay in the hospital and you can rest assured that a doctor can see your pet at all times. A staff member will always sit with your pet and comfort them as they come out of anesthesia and if you leave, you will receive regular updates by phone or text. If you have an animal emergency between the hours of 6 pm to 8 am, or on weekends or holidays, we are here to make sure your pet receives the immediate care they need. We will send a full, detailed report to your regular veterinarian so that they will be apprised of the situation and the care we provided.

Our 24 hour pet emergency center can be quickly traveled to from the following locations: Huntington Beach (emergency pet care center), Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Norwalk (emergency pet care center) CA