About Us

about usWhen you need emergency vet service, it is critical that you have access to the best professional care possible for your pet.  While some vet clinics offer after-hours service, most veterinarians are closed during the hours of 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. and holidays, and have shortened hours on the weekends.  Crossroads Animal Emergency is here to help no matter what time of the night, weekend or major holiday you need us!  With 2 locations to serve you, Norwalk and Huntington Beach locations both offer an emergency vet 24 hours a day on the weekends.

What Is Crossroads Animal Emergency?

Crossroads Animal Emergency is not a traditional veterinary office.  We do not offer maintenance care or routine physicals.  Instead, we offer emergency healthcare in a professional setting with a compassionate staff who will work to provide you and your pet with the best possible solutions to any problems.

Our clients come from Los Angeles and Long Beach as well as Orange County because they know that we provide top-quality veterinary services on an emergency basis.  If your pet needs immediate care, we are the place to go.

When Is Crossroads Animal Emergency Open?

Both our locations, in Norwalk and Huntington Beach, are open all night, every night.  We are open to provide 24-hour emergency care on weekends, major holidays and during the “wee hours” of the morning, because we know that pet emergencies do not happen only during “business hours.”

What Services Does Crossroads Animal Emergency Provide?

Because of our flexible and convenient hours, we have received referrals from scores of veterinary hospitals around the area who are not open during the late evening or early morning.  These referrals come to us because area professionals know that we can provide quality, humane and professional vet service using the latest techniques and technology for a wide range of emergency care needs, including:

  • Poisoning.  Pets often ingest toxic chemicals from household products like antifreeze or pesticides or even from food or plants that are poisonous for pets.  At Crossroads Animal Emergency, we offer treatment for ingestion of toxins that is designed to make your pet as comfortable as possible and treat the cause of the problem.
  • Trauma from vehicles or falls.  Pets can be hit by vehicles, fall from heights or otherwise sustain trauma.  If your pet needs immediate attention, Crossroads Animal Emergency can provide it.  We offer care that focuses on not only treating the injury but also making the pet comfortable immediately and communicating with you responsibly about your options.
  • Seizures.  If your pet is prone to seizures, you know that they can occur at any time of the day or night.  If your pet has never had a seizure before but suddenly suffers one, it can be a frightening experience for you both.  To be sure that your pet has the treatment it needs when your regular vet is closed, visit Crossroads Animal Emergency for help.
  • Broken bones.  Pets can break legs or other bones quickly, whether from being hit by a vehicle or from some other accident.  At Crossroads Animal Emergency, we can help you ensure that your pet’s broken bone is treated properly in the shortest possible time and that pain is not an issue.
  • Bite wounds.  Animals sometimes bite each other, and when they do, immediate treatment may be in order.  Your pet may suffer a bite from another pet or from a wild animal; either way, Crossroads Animal Emergency can treat the wound and give you advice on what to do to protect your pet against diseases as well as provide pain relief.
  • Allergic reactions.  If your pet has allergies, an attack could occur at any time if the pet is exposed to a substance to which it is sensitive.  Crossroads Animal Emergency is ready to help with treatment designed to alleviate allergy sufferings.
  • Complications from pregnancy or birth.  If your pregnant pet goes into labor and is in distress, Crossroads Animal Emergency is here to help ensure a safe delivery.

What Happens When I Bring My Pet To Crossroads Animal Emergency?

Crossroads Animal Emergency puts pets first.  The moment your pet arrives, we begin the evaluation process and institute lifesaving measures if necessary.  Our staff and doctors are skilled to handle the most difficult vet emergencies so that your pet will not experience any more suffering than necessary.

Our in-house equipment allows us to perform thorough examinations, including digital x-rays and laboratory tests.  We will quickly reach a diagnosis and provide you with options, including immediate treatment in some cases or recommendations for further care.

Our lobby is designed for your comfort.  We know that this is a stressful time, so we offer snacks, wireless Internet service and Netflix so that you can relax as much as possible while you wait.  Most importantly, we communicate with you as soon as we have news so that you do not have to wonder what is happening to your pet.

Sometimes pets are required to stay overnight for treatment, observation or a procedure.  If so, we will explain the procedure to you and monitor your pet closely through the night so that you can get some rest.

Where is Crossroads Animal Emergency Located?

We have two convenient locations to serve you:

  • 18364 Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach. Call us at (714) 794-6900. This location serves the communities of Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Westminster, Santa Ana, and West Garden Grove.
  • 11057 E. Rosecrans Avenue in Norwalk. Call us at (562) 863-2522. Serving Los Angeles, Long Beach, Downey, Cerritos, and the Whittier region, this office provides the same professional service as our other location.

The Crossroads Animal Emergency Primary Core Value

At Crossroads Animal Emergency, our primary core value is “Provide high-quality veterinary medicine at the right time.”  We work with pet owners daily to find the best emergency treatment for those traumatic events that happen with no warning.  We are ready to work with you when we are needed.  Although we do not provide well pet services, we are always available for medical emergencies.  Call us today to learn more.