How to Help Your Pet in an Emergency

  • Call ahead to alert our staff about the nature of your emergency. This helps us prepare to meet you when you arrive, saving valuable treatment time when minutes can count.
  • Follow our recommendations on ways to assist your pet before arriving at the clinic.
  • Use Caution: When pets are in pain or discomfort, they may try to bite. To keep your pet—and everyone else— as safe and comfortable as possible:, please use a carrier if you’re bringing a cat or a leash or carrier if you’re bringing a dog. Let us know if you need a carrier or leash to enter the clinic, and we can provide one. Alert our staff if your pet has tried to bite.
  • Bring any medical records or any medications your pet is taking.
  • If you suspect poisoning, bring the packaging of the toxic substance with you to the clinic.
  • Drive safely! Better yet, ask someone else to drive you or to, at least, come with you. You’ll be safer and it will minimize the stress on your injured or sick pet.
  • Most of all, breathe! We understand that it’s a stressful time. We’re here to do all we can to make you and your pet comfortable. More tips emergency pet care »
  • Learn About Emergency Surgery Information for Pets

Our pet emergency centers can be quickly traveled to from the following locations: Huntington Beach (emergency pet care center), Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and in Norwalk (emergency pet care center) Whittier, Downey and Long Beach.