Why Choose Us

Crossroads Animal Emergency provides a much-needed service in the southern California area: emergency pet care after normal vet business hours. Not only is our Orange County emergency pet clinic unique in the type of service it provides, but we also hold ourselves and our staff to the highest possible standards in treating your pet.

Not just another Orange County animal hospital, Crossroads Animal Emergency is a different type of facility. We provide treatment for mostly walk-in clients whose pets have suffered some sudden trauma or illness, and we work with those patients and their families to get them back home free of pain and as healthy as possible.

What Types of Services Are Included?

Our Huntington Beach and Norwalk animal hospital are not like typical veterinary offices. We do not offer well pet exams, routine preventative care, or maintenance medication except as indicated in the treatment of a trauma or illness. Instead, we focus our attention solely on the needs of emergency patients who are transferred to us by their veterinarians or who have suffered some form of trauma or sudden illness after regular vet hours.

Between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and on weekends and major holidays, most veterinary offices are closed or have shortened hours. However, our two locations are open to give you and your pet competent and compassionate care no matter what type of emergency you are facing.

What Is The Crossroads Animal Emergency Difference?

Our unique care model is not the only thing that sets us apart from other providers. We also hold our staff to the highest standards of care and compassion because our clientele are almost always in distress when they arrive. We regularly serve pet owners who bring their animals in when they are in pain or have suffered serious injuries or illnesses. Because of this, we focus our attention not only on the care of the pet but on helping the owner to understand the best way to treat the condition quickly and safely.

The Crossroads Animal Emergency difference begins the moment a pet enters our door. We immediately begin a triage process by gathering information from the owner about possible causes of illness or injury, the pet’s medical history and anything else that will help us understand and treat the animal. A thorough examination is performed by an emergency veterinarian and recommendations made for any necessary tests. Our extensive in-house laboratory and digital X-ray enable our doctors to quickly and accurately diagnose the nature of the emergency.

During this time, we communicate with the owner continually so that he or she understands what is happening. We provide a lobby with food, drinks and Internet access so that owners can pass the time comfortably while we treat their pets.

Once we have made an initial assessment of your pet’s condition, we will discuss options with you. Sometimes, we may ask that you leave your pet overnight for observation or treatment. In other cases, you may be able to take the pet home to finish their recuperation.

We usually recommend that you follow up your visit by taking your pet to your regular veterinarian for a checkup.

Why Choose Crossroads Animal Emergency?

Crossroads Animal Emergency can be your first line of defense during times when your regular veterinarian is not available. We have served thousands of clients by helping them take good care of their pets through all sorts of emergencies, including toxic ingestion or poisoning; trauma from cars; broken bones; sudden onset of seizures; bites from other animals; and undefined serious illnesses. We are ready to help you with your pet’s emergency treatment, and we promise to do our best to give your pet the best possible care.